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  • Edition: Disney Infinity [1.0]
  • Playable characters: Sulley, Infinite Sulley, Mike, Randy
  • Cast Members: Squishy, Art, Don Carlton, Terri and Terry Perry, Randy
  • Place(s): Monsters University, Fear Tech, Frat Row, Paintball Stadium
  • Boss(es): Archie the Scare Pig
  • Collectibles: Red capsules, green capsules, MU flags, Fear Tech flags, Frat Row flags
  • Summury of the story: The Monsters University faces Fear Tech during the Fear Week.


  • The Fear Week is a week during which the Monsters University and Fear Tech are in confrontation in a series of jokes and stuffings.
  • The MU campus was destroyed by students of Fear Tech: trees and statues were covered with toilet paper, traps were placed and students were annoyed.
  • Squishy and Art help Mike and Sulley to repair the damages and to allow the acquisition of bicycles and of the Toilet Paper Launcher. Equipped with the latter tool, the main monsters plunder the nearby campus.
  • Helped by Don Carlton, Mike and Sulley place mischievous traps on Fear Tech campus. Squishy issues then an urgent appeal.
  • Terri and Terry Perry were captured by students of Panitechnique and attached at the top of the MU's belfry. Mike and Sulley succeed then in delivering them.
  • Terri and Terry Perry guides then the heroes and helps them to organize missions on Fear Teh during the night.
  • After that, the Frat Row must be restored, Mike and Sulley do that.
  • The heroes play then in a paintball championship.
  • Randy helps the main Monsters to plan Archie the Scare Pig's capture.
  • At the end of the Fear Week, whereas the Monsters University seems to have lost of a point, Squishy offers an "assorted tricks" present to a Fear Tech student, what makes that the MU marks two additional points and wins the Fear Week.

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fear tech students